Key Benefits

Key Benefits of Joining MPG Platform

Reduce Business Development Budgets

Employment Postings and Job Searches

Government CONTRACTs Specialists

Diversity Inclusion and Local Content Assistance

MPG Project Pairing Events

Safety and Quality Controls Measurements

Direct contact with our sourcing team

Funding- working capital / equipment / projects

Direct contact with Acire23 real estate division to form a teaming agreement to meet client

Respond to RFQ,RFP and RFI

Participate in diversity inclusion and local content

Training and Development

Help larger OEM increase deliverables

Source smaller OEM’S to make needed assemble components

Reduce Advertising & Marketing Expenses

Reduce Disqualification on Bid Packages

Access to Prime Contracts with Project Pairing

Purchase directly from our online catalog

Employment and custom training programs

Refer clients for commercial and residential services

Project technical pairing

Agreed Terms and Conditions with New Clients

Discount on MPG CLUB Membership and Events

Real Estate, Lending, Relocation Services

Business Services Support

Submit project scope of work

Request for RFQ, RFI, RFP

Administrative business support- proposal writing, outsourcing office operations

IT Services/Tech Support Website, E-commerce and security

Submit bids on projects and tenders

Project teaming agreement

Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers, Service Providers, Real Estate


Construction CONTRACT

Manufacturing Asset Based

Temporary Staffing Payroll

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Transportation Freight Bill Factoring

Healthcare Medical Receivables Financing

Accounts Receivable Financing

Manufacturing Grants Opportunities Funding

Farming Grants Opportunities Funding

Supply Chain Financing

Produce Growers & Distributors Invoice Factoring

Information Technology Accounts Receivable Financing

International Trade Financing

Equipment Funding

Equipment Lease

Purchase Order


Oilfield Services