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Nuclear: Nuclear power can be obtained from nuclear fission, nuclear decay and nuclear fusion reactions.

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Government: The U.S. federal government is the single largest consumer in the world, spending more than $550 billion on products and services each year.


Aviation Industry: The aviation industry is the business sector dedicated to the manufacturing and also operating of all types of aircraft.

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Oil & Gas

Focuses on exploration, data acquisition, development, drilling, production, gathering, refining, distribution and transportation of hydrocarbons.


This is the totality of all industries involved in the production and sale of energy, including fuel extraction and manufacturing.


The U.S. agriculture sector extends beyond the farm to include a range of farm-related industries. The largest  are foodservice and food manufacturing.


Refineries: There are four types of refineries in the refinery sector. They include the topping, the hydro-skimming, the conversion, and the deep conversion refineries.

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Real Estate & Construction

This industry covers aspects such as the construction of buildings, development, leasing, appraisal, and management of commercial, residential, and industrial properties.

Industrial Factories

The manufacturing industry fabricates products for industrial use from raw materials; the output of this industry has made further mass manufacturing possible in most other industries.

Food Production

Food Production: The food production ecosystem is the global network of diverse businesses that handles the supplies of most of the food consumed by the world’s population

Water & Wastewater

A complex sector composed of drinking water and wastewater infrastructure  that provide for public health, environmental protection, and security measures, among others.

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics:  The logistics industry is highly competitive and firms position themselves to better facilitate the flow of goods throughout the world’s largest consumer market.

Green Production

Green Production & Climate Change: A energy efficient business strategy that focuses on reaching profitability through the use of environmentally friendly operating processes.


This sector contains businesses revolving around the manufacturing of electronics, software, computers, or products and services relating to information technology.

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