Diversity Inclusion

MPG helps companies progress in their equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives by adopting systemic, business-led approaches.   Elevating equity is critical because it takes a comprehensive effort and continued investment to attrack, hire, develop and retain a diverse workforce while building an inclusive culture. 

    • MPG has helped corporations reach their diversity goals by working with small businesses and minority owned businesses that has the capabilities to complete projects and delivery products and services on time.
    • MPG platforms offers businesses project funding, working capital, payroll, technical support, administrative support, employee training and development and so much more…..
  • MPG requires its Suppliers to comply with the standards of conduct set forth in the MPG Policy and Guidelines for Suppliers, Contractors and Consultants and ensure that their employees and suppliers comply with such standards.
  • Labor Quality

  • Marketing

  • Funding

  • Buying Power

  • Administration Support

Diversity Inclusion

MPG conducts an extensive assessment that involves:

Leadership Buy-In

Leadership support is critical to ensure equity, diversity and inclusion efforts are encouraged and valued by the entire organization.  Leaders provide daily examples for employees by exhibiting inclusive behaviors, managing their own bias and supporting employees’ best work.  They establish and drive the diversity and inclusion by ensuring every employee understands the vision and its importance and their role in it. 

Revise recruiting practices

MPG reviews your recruiting content, how/where you source candidates, job descriptions, resume review, interviews, candidate selection, and performance reviews to remove any unconscious gender biases and replace with behaviors, words, and speech of inclusion and diversity.  We benchmark strategies to those used by best-in-class organizations in your industry.

Define Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity in the workplace should not have one definition.  Rather than solely referring to a multicultural workforce, diversity reflects all of our many differences. Gender, race, age, sexuality, disability, education, class; your company has to consider each and every factor that makes up diversity. In turn, those distinctive perspectives will determine the character of your business.

There is no single solution that can create equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace, so MPG offers a variety of solutions for your organization’s specific needs, context, and culture.

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