MPG’s Non-Profit division, CRC Leadership, is a 501 (c) (3) advocacy group that provides training, technical support, and business assistance to small companies, communities, private entities, and other nonprofit organizations to ensure these firms inclusion and participation in the corporate sector and on construction projects, both public and private.    


CRC Leadership’s mission is to provide assistance to individuals and sub-contractors by helping build capacity within their firms and to prepare them to become more competitive in the marketplace.



CRC Leadership provides business support that expands capacity with:

  • Business incubators
  • Small Business Infrastructure Development

Mentor-Protégé Connections


CRC Leadership provides support and assistance in single family housing, multifamily housing and mixed-use developments. Non-profit experience and expertise are often needed for compliance with the federal and state requirements in developments. 

 CRC Leadership is built on core philosophy that real estate can be a force for good by building and strengthening vibrant, inclusive, and equitable communities of enduring economic value, social connection, and helping to mend the ecosystems upon which they depend. We believe in partnering with local communities and supporting organizations and causes that further contribute to this commitment.

CRC Leadership cares about the lasting impact on partner communities. We value sourcing materials locally, employing the community, and stimulating the local economy.  Our business model of service provides the highest possible value to our clients. We leverage the expertise of world class design firms and construction professionals who make our work possible. This model allows us to streamline costs without compromising quality.


Our Project Partners provide critical services for construction services.  From project planning to close out, CRC Leadership serves as your owner’s representative at every step. Our design, construction and project management professionals together ensure an on-time, on-budget project.


Our Corporate Partners provide critical funds and in-kind support. Some Corporate Partners support specific projects while others sponsor CRC events.


Our Design Partners are professionals and firms in the construction sector.  We partner with companies, ranging from architectural, structural, engineering firms and MEP CONTRACTs, to work on one or more projects.


CRC Foundation Partners share our values and believe in our mission. Foundation Partners provide assist with operations and programs, as well as advocacy and networking.


Corporate Pairing Events

Corporate Pairing Events are on ongoing events used to support small businesses in identifying industrial giants who are in need to fulfilling their goals.

Match making sessions

Match making sessions are organized to connect small businesses within specific industries with Prime Contracts and major firms.   The “Meet the Primes” sessions are conducted via virtual meetings as well as face to face sessions. 


Virtual Training and Presentation Sessions – E-learning sessions that engage the audience by allowing learners to be a part an active part of the session.  The audience can make comments in the chatbox and the presenter can respond. 

One-to-One Introduction Meetings – An opportunity to speak directly with a representative from a prime company or government agency that has identified sub-CONTRACTing needs for their current and upcoming projects.  One-on-one meetings with Prime Contracts can really be an important time for you to get to know more about upcoming projects and understand the requirements.      

Company-Specific Informational Interviews – We provide companies with informal informational interviews for a specified time to either chat via video or via typing before being moved to the next virtual “room.” These events offer a low-stakes way to learn about a potential company or industry and get the subCONTRACT’s name out to potential clients.


Industry-Specific Speaking Engagements – Our networking events have a speaker or speakers on a topic directly related to your industry.  These engagements can happen remotely or in person.  Individuals can take advantage of the speaker’s knowledge and expertise.

Networking Meetups – Our meetups allow for more of a relaxed atmosphere—making small talk and approaching strangers is simpler in a casual environment. The networking meetup can be in person or virtual. 

Roundtable Events – The Roundtables are beneficial to those looking to advance their knowledge by communicating with their peers. Roundtables allow for open forums and discussions that, more often than not, lead to creative ideas and new directions. If you’re stuck on a project or proposal, these are great events for brainstorming and making some new connections in the meantime.


Access to grant funding to address small business firms’ capacity building and the economic needs of individuals and families with low income through the creation of sustainable business development and employment opportunities.   Grant funds are used for training and development initiatives to expand the opportunities for low wealth communities.  


MPG’s non-profit division, CRC Leadership’s projects create employment opportunities that lead to increased self-sufficiency for individuals with low income through a variety of activities, such as:

  • Major Firms Partnerships for Internships and Apprenticeships
  • Workforce Development Programs
  • Trainings in ranging from Manufacturing and Industrial Maintenance to Construction and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


CRC Leadership offers different types of sponsorships to support various community initiatives.  By having successful corporate sponsorships, it is beneficial to both CRC and our corporate sponsors.  Partnering with CRC creates a positive image and build trust within the surrounding community.  Our corporate sponsors value social responsibility and want to do business with companies that are making a positive impact on society.  Sponsorships with CRC can grant sponsors admissions to exclusive events, recognition at corporate events, advertisement on website, and inclusion in collateral materials. 

Corporate Sponsorship Levels:

Corporate Sponsors receive the following benefits from a sponsorship:

  • It increases visibility for the company and its brand
  • It helps corporations engage with the community
  • It improves a company’s reputation for success and refinement
  • It generates sales leads
  • It generates dynamic content for a social media marketing campaign

While it can help a community and its organizations a lot to have businesses step in on their behalf and lend both financial and moral support, it’s also just good business sense.

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